Chocolate bunnies and blue legs!

So it’s Monday again…a sunny, sunny Monday which takes the edge off it a bit. Hope you all had a good Easter weekend and enjoyed 1 or 100 chocolate rabbits.   

What happens when you leave a baby...or me...alone with chocolate. 

So, I feel like I have said this a lot lately but, sorry for the radio silence over the last little while.  I have been running around like a mad woman (which I am) with work and have barely had time to clean my clothes let alone thinking about blogging. 

Now don’t feel too sorry for me because most of this craziness has been travel.  As I shared earlier, I was punished with 10 days in Vancouver and spent part of last week in Atlanta!  I think I have driven through Atlanta once when I was 12 on my way to Disney World so I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.  Atlanta is a vibrant city with so much to do. I loved it!  ...Think the amazing Targets, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods helped too...

Chocolate Cherry Larabars? Is this Heaven? 

 As soon as we landed we checked into our hotel (Shout out to Le Meridien Atlanta – YOU ROCK!!!) and immediately headed to mid-town for the Dogwood Festival.  This was an amazing suggestion and one of my favorite parts of the trip…mostly because there were margaritas!!! 


Smoothie in a pineapple! SCORE!

 We had long, long days of work but made sure to take advantage of it including checking out CafĂ© Sunflower.  This is a Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant which was AMAZING!! My co-worker (who was a rocking travel companion) and I literally wanted to eat everything on the menu…at least once. 

The only down side of this trip is on Tuesday I woke up with a BLUE calf. Yes folks, BLUE!! I won’t share a picture with you, just trust me.  So I got to spend a half day in an Atlanta Hospital which left me with coin in the bank but a pass to fly home which is what I was looking for. 

The downside as it looks like a have a cyst in the back of my knee…which is super painful and makes running out of the question.  So I have been spending the last few days resting (blech), walking (blech) and swimming (yay!).  I am hoping if I am a really good girl and listen to my Doctor and Trainer then I will be able to be running in a few weeks and will be in tip top shape for Ottawa. 

So here is fair warning, there will be no running posts from this girl for the next little while, and for those of you who interact with me in the flesh I will likely be a little bit cRANky until I can get my run on again.

Anyways let’s not dwell on that right now…it will get me all huffy.

What cross training do you do when you can’t run? How many Easter bunnies did you eat? I hope lots!

Hope you all have a great week!



Cafe My House - mi casa es su casa


I’ve been reading through this blog site and noticed we haven’t blogged about brunch lately. Gah! Sacrilegious! The blog’s been a little serious of late. Why so cereal? Cereal??? Brunch, yes please.  

Let me then enlighten you all on a great find in Hintonburg. Of course, the habitual would know it as Cafe My House the vegan goddess on Bank Street, which has now made the move to the mustache and Ray-Ban laden neighbourhood of Hintonburg.

The ladies and I decided to run on over to Cafe My House’s new digs on Sunday early afternoon to be pleasantly surprised by the zero wait and swift service. First thing I noticed about this sprawling resto was the minimalist design with dim lighting which added to my delight since we were a haggard sweaty bunch after our run. Also there was a letter “d” adorning the wall. Could there be more of a freaking sign?


Then the menus made their happy way to our table and OMG the smoothies were all to die for and that was just the first page.  The hardest part is choosing one meal when you want them all. No judgement here if you order two...as I’ve been known to do on occasion ( ummm almost always).

The final answer was the Omega 3 flax seed waffles (gluten free yo!) with coconut vanilla whipped cream and date-maple caramel sauce. Droooool. My running buds had wisely chosen the Venice Beach Bowl, another GF option, with organic brown rice, kale, avocado, pear cabbage kimchi (hello pro-biotics) drizzled with a cashew tahini sauce and shaves of BBQ coconut bacon and  a personal variation of the Superhero salad.  I must confess that Cafe My House is my jam! The food, service and decor were absolutely stellar. We’ll definitely be back for another round at the House.



April Goals...slightly late.

Hey All!

So it’s FRIDAY!! Yes folks Friday….FINALLY!  This week felt like it took a month to pass.

Next week I am headed to Atlanta for work.  I am kind of excited for it.  I am hoping to find some good stuff to do out there so if any of you have been to Atlanta let me know what I have to see.
As much as I am excited for this trip I will be excited for when this trip is over and I am done traveling for a while.

So I know I didn’t post my goals for April, and being honest I’ve been in a bit of funk and not my usual gung-ho self.  Anyways, I have shaken it off and am back and my annoying excited than ever.
So here is what my goals/focuses are for the month!

Fine running shoe quote, you're the boss!

1. Keep focused on my running.  

Hello Best Friends! Wanna hang out all day everyday? 

 Ottawa Race Weekend is 43 days away (AHHH!!! Yay!!!!) and then the Huntsville Half is on June 14th so I have to get serious and stay focused.  At this point in training I am usual getting bored and looking forward to a break from running because it is become intense and I’m tired and want my Saturday mornings back. 

BUT, I love running and there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line when you have working for months for something so I am keeping my eye on the prize and am going to push through.

2. Study, study and study. 

I am hoping to have my personal trainer course wrapped up by fall so this means I have to keep studying.  This course is intense and anyone who knows me can vouch the science is NOT my strong suit so I have lots of learning to do.  I find the information interesting and am loving what I am learning but understanding the technicalities of how the muscle works will not be coming easy to me (Hey M and T, Wanna help me with my homework like the high school days??).

3. Host my first challenge. 

I don't want to feel like this this spring. Time to get on it! 

 I am working with Team Beachbody and I am hosting my first challenge this month.  I am so excited and nervous.  I am really looking forward to working with people to help them with their journey to become a healthier version of themselves.  I am so excited for the potential this has and can’t wait to see what becomes of it.

4. Kick Sugars Butt!

Drool. (Photo Cred

I try so hard to eat none of the white stuff but I find that when I am stressed or tired it somehow finds its way into my mouth (sneaky little devil.).  This month my goal it keep focused on putting good whole foods in my body.  When I want a brownie, I can make a healthier sugar free version…its tasty trust me.  I swear!

I know these goals aren’t really measurable and they don’t stack up to standards for setting goals but I think this month my ultimate goal (whoa stop saying goal Leah!) is to stop holding myself to such strict standards and metrics.  That is why I am looking at them as focuses, opposed to a strict goal.  I think that attitude will help keep me positive and focused.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Enjoy this spring like weather. 

And don’t forget, tell me what I have to do in Atlanta! I have no clue what to do but I have found a Trader’s Joe so I’ll survive! 



The cat is out of the bag...

Happy Monday!! 

I know it is almost over…but better late than never, right?

Hope you all had a good weekend.  This was my first weekend home and not working for a while and let me tell you it was NEEDED!!

So as it turns out March is over and it is now April.  Funny how that happens.

A few weeks ago I hinted at some exciting news but never shared what it was and I think it’s time to share.

I have decided to step up my dedication to health and fitness, and study to become a personal trainer. 

It doesn't look big...BUT it is! Lot's of reading.

This is an idea I have been tossing around for a while.  So although it may seem like it, I swear it’s not coming out of left field.

I have been wanting to learn more about how to train and challenge my body and after spending some time with a trainer I knew it was something I could see myself being really good at.  

Living a healthy life has become my passion and after going through the things I have to get here I really feel like it is something where I could give back and help people get back on track!  I am hoping to be able to do this on the side of my real big girl job, which I also luuurve.

So right now I am studying and learning lots and here are the things I have learned so far…

1. Studying SUCKS!! I am loving what I am learning BUT I am not a natural student and likely never will be.

2. High lighters will explode on a plane.  They don’t adjust to the pressure change very well and they will spill ALL OVER YOUR BOOK! (Thank you nice man beside me with LOTS of napkins!)

3. Nutrition is just as important as the working out part. This is something I have known for a long time but reading more about it makes it seems more real…UGH. 

Anyways, so here is where I’m at.  I will keep with posted on how it’s going.  I can’t wait to be done 
this!! Eek!

40% on Wednesday seems steep to me but otherwise accurate....

Have a great week!!