Sunny Havana!

Hello Party People!

So I woke up this morning and it was snowing...already. It made me long for sunny days and warm evenings.  Then I started thinking about my fall vacation to Cuba and how I still haven't shared my trip to Havana with you all! (or anything for that matter...worst blogger ever!)

My parents, sister and I headed off to Havana for a week in October.  My parents are in love with Cuba, they go down at least once a year so for my Mom's 60th birthday and retirement (YAY!) and  she kindly took us along. 

Now the one thing you have to know about travelling with my parents is that we do almost none of this:

We see things and do things and really take time to appreciate the culture and the people.  As a kid I hated this.  I remember feeling like I needed a vacation from our vacations but now as an adult I realize how important this was.  This trip was no different, we spent our days in downtown Havana walking the streets and visiting with people.  We spent time with locals and heard their stories and learned about the country and how it works. 

Here are just a few pictures from the trip:

This is an immigration office! How amazing is that??

An apartment building in the downtown core.  The resourcefulness of these people is amazing.  It was an eye opening experience. 


The perfume store.  You pick a scent and a bottle and they put it together for you. It was so cool!

Another cool picture of the downtown!

A little construction in the downtown.

An old church near our hotel. 

I could get used to this!

This was an amazing trip! If you haven't spent anytime in Havana I would highly recommend it! It is like no other vacation I have been on.  

This isn't really about dining or dashing, but it is what I have been up to lately. :)

Hope you are all having a great fall! 



Summer Happened?

Summer time!
So summer happened. What can I say? I’ve been away enjoying summer as much as I could and not really focusing on blogging or running or training. At all. Whoops. Those darn patios and cold pints always get me on a hot summer’s night. However, now that there’s a chill in the air it’s time to get right back into it.  Starting with a new weight training regime. I had my very first session with personal trainer and close friend Nini, check her out here: The Fine Balance  Let me tell you  she handed me my ass on a weight plate. It even hurts to type right now. Still. My session was on Tuesday!! But a good kinda hurt, you know. Like the feeling you get after a hard run and your quads are screaming at you to stop and you power through beastmode.  

Yoga on the Hill

I don’t know what it is about fall but it makes me excited to hit the pavement, maybe it’s the impending fact that soon everything will be covered in a blanket of white that makes me just want to savour every bit of this season.  Speaking of savouring, this weekend’s Food Truck Rally promises to serve up some tasty dishes as well as everything at Ottawa’s Farmers Market; gotta get me some squash and all that is pumpkin, obviously!  So here’s to a new adventure in a new season. Anyone signed up for a fall race? What’s your favorite time of year to run in? Stay tuned for more whining blogging about the weight training progression and hopefully some epic fall runs!
Sweaty summer selfie


Delicious, gooey and clean brownies!

Happy Hump Day All!

Two more sleeps until Friday, you got this!

So if you follow me on instagram (if you don't WHY the heck not?)you saw some pictures of some raw brownies I made this week and they were so good that I had to share!

I love brownies...like LOVE brownies.  I could eat 100 a day and never tire of them. ...but eating brownies regularly isn't great for your health so I am always on a hunt to make a healthier brownie.

After many attempts this is the BEST version I have come up with to date and they are delicious and so tasty!

These can be raw if you want to use raw ingrediants but at the very least they are vegan, gluten free and paleo!  They make a delicious dessert when you are feeding a group of picky people...or if you are just hungry like me!

Here is what you need:

20 medjool dates (maybe a few more or less depend on how gooey yours are!)
1/2 cup of almond meal/flour
1/2 cup of walnuts
1/4 cup of cocoa powder
1/4 cup of maple syrup

Here is what you do:

1.  Put everything in your food processor and mix until its a dough like consistency.
2.  Put the dough into a parchment paper lined pan (I used a 7x11 and it worked nicely but it depend on how thick you want your brownies) and press the dough down.
3.  Eat them! I cut them up and store them in the fridge...if they last that long.  They are partuclarly good with banana soft serve if I do say so myself.

I have made many versions of these brownies and let me tell you the coconut flower is a game changer! It gives it a more doughy consistency that is much like a gooey brownie!

I hope you all have a great chocolate filled week!



Fitness and Food...my two favorite F words.

I promised I'd be back!

This past weekend S and I headed to Toronto for the day to check out the Canfitpro trade show.  Being new to Canfitpro I was itching to get involved and they had some people speaking that I was dying to see, including the one and only Brendan Braizer the creator of Vega!

So we got up and an ungodly hour for a Saturday and head into the big city.  If you are in the Toronto area next year you should check it out.  They have so many cool companies there and lots of neat things to check out.  It was a total worth while way to spend a day.

The best part of the whole day for me was the speakers!! They had some amazing people lined up to share their knowledge with us and it was way better then I expected.

The best part for me was meeting Brendan Braizer.  As I am sure you have noticed I love Vega and the thrive diet is the book the completely changed how I eat and feel so I was pretty excited to hear him speak.  He was also kind enough to take a fan girl picture with me and sign my book.

I also got to listen to Kathy Smart who was a new name for me.  If you haven't heard of her you can check her out here.  This woman is packed with information! She is brilliant and willing to share her knowledge with everyone.  I have taken some of the suggestions she made and implemented them into my diet already! Thanks Kathy! You're the best!

This is seriously the best picture I got...terrible job!

After a long day of learning S and I hit up one of my favorite restaurants, Fresh!! YUM!

This time I decided to go wild and had the Cornbread, which I ate too fast to take a picture of it...sorry.

For my main I had the power bowl and it was AMAZING! Honestly it was so dang good! I loved it.

How good does this look??

I was too full to eat anything else so I grabbed a bottle of their premium detox green juice and headed home, which was one of the best ideas I made all day!

Doesn't this look so so tasty!

 If you are in the TO area please tell me you go to Fresh on the regular! It is the best.

Have a great weekend!



You can't get rid of us yet!

Soooo....we disappeared for two months...

I don't even have a great excuse or anything crazy that happened...it just did.

I got up this morning and thought about some stuff I wanted to share on here and when I logged in I realised it was TWO months since we posted anything. That is crazy!

So I'm back! (I know I've said that a few times before but FOR serious this time!) I have some cool things that I want to be sharing with you all so don't give up on us yet!

One of the reasons I have been MIA is I was studying like a mad woman for my certification test to become a Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist, and I PASSED!

I am so proud of the peice of paper it's silly!

Over the last few years my passion for nutrition has been growing and taking this course solidified that this is what I want to be doing with my life so starting in September I will be starting a program to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist! I am pretty excited and nervous and I can't wait to get started! 

So get ready because I will be sharing lots of the cool stuff I am learning and some tasty eats! 

As for the 'dash' portion of this blog I have been dealing with some knee trouble, so while I am running a little,  it is hardly anything to write about.  I am really focusing on recovery and hoping that soon enough I will be back at it assulting your instagram feeds with abnoxious pictures of my running.  Aren't you excited?? I know I am!! 

I hope you all have a great week! 

Get out there and kick butt! 



Veg Out

Hey Party People!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Things here were pretty low key which was just what the Doctor ordered.  I had a race scheduled with S but given some unexpected health concerns and injuries we decided it was in our best interest to take a pass.

S is lucky that she took me out for delicious meals the week before or I might of gotten cranky that our race was postponed (See what I did there S? You're not off the hook yet! I'll get another 21.2kms out of you yet!)

The weekend before S and I were taking a nutrition course in London, Ontario and as always I was starving so we had to find somewhere this vegan girl could eat. So after some quick work on google we stumbled across Veg Out and headed over.

Eating a plant powered diet is amazing and makes my body feel sooo good but sometimes I miss 'bad but oh so good' food and Veg Out is one of those vegan restuarants that hits the spot.

Upon arriving I was surprised by the cute atmosphere and nice patio

The cutest little place!!!

 We were immediatly offered a cold drink from the drink menu, they had a great selection if I do say so myself.  While we sipped we reviewed the menu and tried to pick the items we wanted the most...which was hard.  I wanted one of everything.

After 20 minutes if negioation I convinced S to split the chili fries with me (and not get her own, which was the right decision...sorry.) as an appitizer.  These were unreal.  Like would drive back right now to go get more.

SERIOUSLY!!! Get in my mouth!

For dinner I let my inner fat girl out and ordered the loaded cheeseburger with the sweet potato cornbread on the side.  ...yes I ate a burger with bread as a side for dinner...but it was sweet potato bread and therefore a vegetable. Fact.

My vegetable side.  This was perfection!

I used S's burger for the picture because hers looked better so just know that I didn't get the sweet potato fries on the side too. 

The burger was AMAZING but so big.  Like size of my head big.  We each only managed to eat half and packaged the rest up to give to R, lucky man!

This place was simply amazing! If you are anywhere within a days driving distance to London, Ontario I would get in your car immediatly and head to Veg Out. 

Did you guys have any great eats this weekend? Anywhere I have to try?

Have a great week all!



Ottawa Race Weekend Round Up

I know this post is a long time coming so here goes.  Ottawa Race Weekend was a truly crazy amazing humbling experience.  Amazing because Leah and I were; 1) reunited for an entire weekend, 2) ran a hat trick; 5Km, 10Km and half marathon together (spoiler alert: we finished all three) and 3) did I say we were attached at the hip all weekend? Yup.  We killed Ottawa Race Weekend. Not to say it wasn’t without its challenges and struggles and maybe some tears but overall the BEST race experience to date.

Let’s begin at the start line – Leah arrived on Thursday, we immediately dropped her bags and headed out for some nosh (see her post for all the amazing things we devoured). Decided to take a detour and harass our good friend Jar at Sports 4. In all fairness he was warned we were coming. Grabbed Jar, went out for a bite to eat and discussed the merits of Bonk Breakers. Yes these bars exist. “Bonk” was the unmentionable word of the weekend and something we wanted to avoid so carbo-loading was the solution. After all, Leah’s friend and very knowledgeable chiropractor cautioned her about the dreaded bonk and suggested ramping up our energy stores.  I don’t think he realized how much we eat. Like champs. Doctors orders right?!!  
Delicious food at Cafe My House

Hunger pangs satisfied we made our way to the expo to get our race kits and met up with some of my friends racing the 10Km. Big shout out to Nini, Nat, Chloe and Sam who ran the 10km like gazelles.

With three bibs registered, three performance t-shirts in tow, we were doing this, no going back now. What did we sign up for?!!!

Friday was an all day food fest where we made it to Cafe My House for an amazing breakfast of vegan BLT wafflewich and my go to choice; the beach bowl. We took carbing up to the next level. If there was a race for fastest intake, we would have placed first. In an effort to save our legs, we moved like sloths and wandered around the city as tourists taking in the beautiful weather and events ORW had to offer. Saw an interesting performance at City Hall by one of the entertainers for ORW. Pretty sure the band was getting tipsy on stage, real tipsy. No judgement! If I didn’t have to run, I’d be down for a bevvie or two as well I’m just jelly, that’s all. We finished the night with a great meal (and even better dessert) from La Belle Verte and turned in early. Saturday was going to be tough.

Race Day 1 – 5km at 4pm. O.k. no big deal, race 1 of 3 we can so do this. As we started out the excitement of racing took over and as usual I tried to gun it from the start, thankfully Leah was there to rein me in and keep us on pace so we don’t die on the first race. My legs thank you a hundred times over!  We really complement each other running, Leah is technical with the gadgets and fuelling plans and I run by feel so a good combo overall. What the 5km is over already? That was a breeze! Im ready for ya Race # 2. We break, eat a bit (obviously) and rest our legs while waiting for the 10km to start.  Back in the starting coral, I swear everyone in Ottawa has signed up for this particular race, its getting hot in here. High fives all around and we’re off pacing a little slower and running smart. A great run with minor elevation, we’re rounding near the end, look it’s the infamous lucky shoe – must touch the lucky shoe, it’ll get us through the last few kms.  Around the 8km marker, the soreness is starting to talk. I know we can finish this one strong so we push through even though I think Leah mentioned something about dying or something.  Race 2 of 3 in the bag. Sleep and ice bath please.

5km done
10km done

Race Day 2 – 21.1km at 9am. A picture perfect day. OH MY GOD we’re doing this. Thanks to my rambunctious neighbours and exhaustion, Leah did not have the best night sleep, but we’re committed, no turning back now. As we line up to start, it finally sunk in. My audacious goal seems a little too insane at the moment. No wonder so many people were telling us how crazy we were. I get cotton mouth in the thought of running a half after two races the day before.  Fuck it, fuck the naysayers, we’re running this and we’re going to love every painful minute of it! Every. Single. Step.
Ready to race!
Feeling great and hopped up on racing endorphins the race starts out so smooth, hilarious signs greet us along the way “Where’s Everybody Going (to Brunch?)” and “If This Was Easy, It’d Be Called Your Mother”.  The crowd out cheering for us runners on Sunday morning is so overwhelming. They really carry us through. But then disaster strikes, Leah rolls her ankle hard at 6km. Fuuuuuck. The girl keeps going although I’m sure her body hates her so much right now, but she kept on running like a boss. This inspires me to be the positive cheerleader for us, I throw in some of my running dance moves to try to take our minds of the pain and keep focused on having fun on the run.  Is that a giant running shoe passing us?
Yup. Now it’s on. Time to kick it in high gear (o.k. moderate gear but still), we approach 17km and overheard all around us is ‘how far are we?’ ‘what  kilometre are we at?’ at this point Leah and I know the drill, we’ve got this and we tell our running buds, be strong only a few more kms to go. Cruising in at 20 km mark the lucky shoe appears out of nowhere like a mirage, but its real and that means we’ve made it, we empty the tank and gun it for the finish.  

Half selfie
We cross the finish line together; exhausted, sore, proud, accomplished. Maybe it took us much longer than we had anticipated, maybe we couldn’t walk downstairs for a day afterwards, so what, we pulled a hat trick and made our “crazy” goal a reality. Race 3 of 3 done. Medals, bragging rights, smiles and Voltaren for all! ORW, we can’t wait until next year!!
Races done!!!
Hat Trick complete!