Veg Out

Hey Party People!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Things here were pretty low key which was just what the Doctor ordered.  I had a race scheduled with S but given some unexpected health concerns and injuries we decided it was in our best interest to take a pass.

S is lucky that she took me out for delicious meals the week before or I might of gotten cranky that our race was postponed (See what I did there S? You're not off the hook yet! I'll get another 21.2kms out of you yet!)

The weekend before S and I were taking a nutrition course in London, Ontario and as always I was starving so we had to find somewhere this vegan girl could eat. So after some quick work on google we stumbled across Veg Out and headed over.

Eating a plant powered diet is amazing and makes my body feel sooo good but sometimes I miss 'bad but oh so good' food and Veg Out is one of those vegan restuarants that hits the spot.

Upon arriving I was surprised by the cute atmosphere and nice patio

The cutest little place!!!

 We were immediatly offered a cold drink from the drink menu, they had a great selection if I do say so myself.  While we sipped we reviewed the menu and tried to pick the items we wanted the most...which was hard.  I wanted one of everything.

After 20 minutes if negioation I convinced S to split the chili fries with me (and not get her own, which was the right decision...sorry.) as an appitizer.  These were unreal.  Like would drive back right now to go get more.

SERIOUSLY!!! Get in my mouth!

For dinner I let my inner fat girl out and ordered the loaded cheeseburger with the sweet potato cornbread on the side.  ...yes I ate a burger with bread as a side for dinner...but it was sweet potato bread and therefore a vegetable. Fact.

My vegetable side.  This was perfection!

I used S's burger for the picture because hers looked better so just know that I didn't get the sweet potato fries on the side too. 

The burger was AMAZING but so big.  Like size of my head big.  We each only managed to eat half and packaged the rest up to give to R, lucky man!

This place was simply amazing! If you are anywhere within a days driving distance to London, Ontario I would get in your car immediatly and head to Veg Out. 

Did you guys have any great eats this weekend? Anywhere I have to try?

Have a great week all!



Ottawa Race Weekend Round Up

I know this post is a long time coming so here goes.  Ottawa Race Weekend was a truly crazy amazing humbling experience.  Amazing because Leah and I were; 1) reunited for an entire weekend, 2) ran a hat trick; 5Km, 10Km and half marathon together (spoiler alert: we finished all three) and 3) did I say we were attached at the hip all weekend? Yup.  We killed Ottawa Race Weekend. Not to say it wasn’t without its challenges and struggles and maybe some tears but overall the BEST race experience to date.

Let’s begin at the start line – Leah arrived on Thursday, we immediately dropped her bags and headed out for some nosh (see her post for all the amazing things we devoured). Decided to take a detour and harass our good friend Jar at Sports 4. In all fairness he was warned we were coming. Grabbed Jar, went out for a bite to eat and discussed the merits of Bonk Breakers. Yes these bars exist. “Bonk” was the unmentionable word of the weekend and something we wanted to avoid so carbo-loading was the solution. After all, Leah’s friend and very knowledgeable chiropractor cautioned her about the dreaded bonk and suggested ramping up our energy stores.  I don’t think he realized how much we eat. Like champs. Doctors orders right?!!  
Delicious food at Cafe My House

Hunger pangs satisfied we made our way to the expo to get our race kits and met up with some of my friends racing the 10Km. Big shout out to Nini, Nat, Chloe and Sam who ran the 10km like gazelles.

With three bibs registered, three performance t-shirts in tow, we were doing this, no going back now. What did we sign up for?!!!

Friday was an all day food fest where we made it to Cafe My House for an amazing breakfast of vegan BLT wafflewich and my go to choice; the beach bowl. We took carbing up to the next level. If there was a race for fastest intake, we would have placed first. In an effort to save our legs, we moved like sloths and wandered around the city as tourists taking in the beautiful weather and events ORW had to offer. Saw an interesting performance at City Hall by one of the entertainers for ORW. Pretty sure the band was getting tipsy on stage, real tipsy. No judgement! If I didn’t have to run, I’d be down for a bevvie or two as well I’m just jelly, that’s all. We finished the night with a great meal (and even better dessert) from La Belle Verte and turned in early. Saturday was going to be tough.

Race Day 1 – 5km at 4pm. O.k. no big deal, race 1 of 3 we can so do this. As we started out the excitement of racing took over and as usual I tried to gun it from the start, thankfully Leah was there to rein me in and keep us on pace so we don’t die on the first race. My legs thank you a hundred times over!  We really complement each other running, Leah is technical with the gadgets and fuelling plans and I run by feel so a good combo overall. What the 5km is over already? That was a breeze! Im ready for ya Race # 2. We break, eat a bit (obviously) and rest our legs while waiting for the 10km to start.  Back in the starting coral, I swear everyone in Ottawa has signed up for this particular race, its getting hot in here. High fives all around and we’re off pacing a little slower and running smart. A great run with minor elevation, we’re rounding near the end, look it’s the infamous lucky shoe – must touch the lucky shoe, it’ll get us through the last few kms.  Around the 8km marker, the soreness is starting to talk. I know we can finish this one strong so we push through even though I think Leah mentioned something about dying or something.  Race 2 of 3 in the bag. Sleep and ice bath please.

5km done
10km done

Race Day 2 – 21.1km at 9am. A picture perfect day. OH MY GOD we’re doing this. Thanks to my rambunctious neighbours and exhaustion, Leah did not have the best night sleep, but we’re committed, no turning back now. As we line up to start, it finally sunk in. My audacious goal seems a little too insane at the moment. No wonder so many people were telling us how crazy we were. I get cotton mouth in the thought of running a half after two races the day before.  Fuck it, fuck the naysayers, we’re running this and we’re going to love every painful minute of it! Every. Single. Step.
Ready to race!
Feeling great and hopped up on racing endorphins the race starts out so smooth, hilarious signs greet us along the way “Where’s Everybody Going (to Brunch?)” and “If This Was Easy, It’d Be Called Your Mother”.  The crowd out cheering for us runners on Sunday morning is so overwhelming. They really carry us through. But then disaster strikes, Leah rolls her ankle hard at 6km. Fuuuuuck. The girl keeps going although I’m sure her body hates her so much right now, but she kept on running like a boss. This inspires me to be the positive cheerleader for us, I throw in some of my running dance moves to try to take our minds of the pain and keep focused on having fun on the run.  Is that a giant running shoe passing us?
Yup. Now it’s on. Time to kick it in high gear (o.k. moderate gear but still), we approach 17km and overheard all around us is ‘how far are we?’ ‘what  kilometre are we at?’ at this point Leah and I know the drill, we’ve got this and we tell our running buds, be strong only a few more kms to go. Cruising in at 20 km mark the lucky shoe appears out of nowhere like a mirage, but its real and that means we’ve made it, we empty the tank and gun it for the finish.  

Half selfie
We cross the finish line together; exhausted, sore, proud, accomplished. Maybe it took us much longer than we had anticipated, maybe we couldn’t walk downstairs for a day afterwards, so what, we pulled a hat trick and made our “crazy” goal a reality. Race 3 of 3 done. Medals, bragging rights, smiles and Voltaren for all! ORW, we can’t wait until next year!!
Races done!!!
Hat Trick complete!




Raw-ish Vegan Brownies

So it's Monday again...and R and I have spent the weekend with a very very sick dog. So needless to say it wasn't must fun.
My poor girl.  

I had to head out to a course of my Nutrition & Weight Loss certification so R had to handle the lion share of the care giving this weekend.

Anyways, with the exception of Saturday this weekend was spend laying low and caring for our girl.

In between studying and being a dog momma I stumbled across this recipe for Raw Brownies which peaked my interest because I super-duper love brownies and am always looking for a recipe to make them healthier. 

They are SUPER easy and delicious and I suggest you make them right away.

I took some pictures to share but they aren't the best quality...sorry but they will give you the idea.

This is the 'crust' layer I guess you could call it.  It is made of dates, walnuts and cocoa powder. So it basically like a crunchy Larabar...so delicious. 


Then I mixed up some bananas, almond butter, cocoa and agave (not raw but no one is perfect!) in the food processor to make this delicious, delicious frosting.

Then I spread it on top and popped in the freezer for a half hour to firm it all up...it was so hard to wait...I only made it 15 minutes.

Then, for quality control reasons only, I dove in to try one.  This picture is terrible. I would of re-taken them but I was too busy eating.  I will try to take more today but I might be eating then too....

If you are looking for a healthier (but still gooey and tasty) version of the best chocolate dessert give this recipe a try you will love it!

Hope you all have a great week.



Ottawa Race Weekend - the Food Edition

HOLY HANNAH! Where has the time gone? I had been planning on blogging Monday but we have had some crazy stuff going on here (job changes, sick puppies and some general craziness) so it didn’t happen, but they say better late than never right? Right?

I hope you all forgive me!

So Ottawa Race Weekend was great, totally GREAT! I’m not even sure where to begin…the running?  The sites?  The food? The food you say? Yeah I thought so too!

I guess I should say, we completed our challenge and mostly had fun. Well D had fun the whole way… it was tougher for me but I didn't rip my jewellery off and throw it to the ground in protest, so I'd count that as progress! 


So let’s get to the important stuff! Basically the second I dropped my bags in Ottawa we hit the streets to grab eats.  It’s just how I roll!

Now if I was to tell you about all my 'must eat' places in Ottawa this would be a 12 page post and you would need an hour or two to read it so I will just share my favorites.

This is the CUTEST place in Hintonburg with the best food I have had in a long time.  It loved it so so much that D and I went twice while I was in town.

While I was there I found the BEST brunch…a VEGAN WAFFLE BLT.  A sandwich made of waffles…how have I not thought of this??? The bacon was made from smoked coconut and it was UNREAL!! So unreal in fact I had it twice.


D and I also split the Vegan Eggplant Benedict and it was super tasty as well but it is pretty hard to beat the Wafflewich…it was a close second. 

We split them so it makes it okay...and we just ran 21KMS!!!

This little gem is across the river in good old land in Quebec and totally worth the bus ride over.  It doesn’t look like much from the street but you can’t judge a book by its cover because this place is delicious!

D and I started with some Raw Spring rolls in a peanut sauce.  These were SUPER fresh and so so tasty! I loved them. 

As my main course I had a Tempeh bowl that was full of so much tasty stuff I can hardly wrap my head around it. 

And because they have the best looking desserts we had to try one and gosh I’m glad we did! This is chocolate, lemon and raspberry ‘cheese’cake!  It was so so so good. 

Seriously...so so good!

This place isn’t new, and most of you have probably been there but I’ve apparently been living under a rock and have somehow missed it.  Lucky for me D is smarter than I am and made sure I finally went to this delicious, delicious place.

I ordered a vegan falafel burger with avocado (which immediately makes it 1,000,000 times better!) and it was so so so good! I enjoyed every single bite and made sure not to leave a single crumb behind. 

I promise that we will talk about the actually run sometime soon but in the mean time these delicious eats are going to have to tide you over.

And if you live in the Ottawa area, get out there and go to one of these places NOW!  Like don’t even finish reading this…just go. 



I Shoes You

I'm baaaaack! Back in Mizunos that is. And just in time for Ottawa Race Weekend! I’m getting so jacked for next weekend, get ready for it blog world; Leah and I will be reunited for an entire weekend!! I don’t think Ottawa will be able to handle it.

Back to my new kicks, went with the Mizuno Hitogami’s and couldn’t be happier. I don’t even know why I stray from Mizuno.

Jar, the New Balance we’re only for your entertainment. The NB 1400’s were nice, great colour, super light but they wore out really quickly and the light mesh on top rubbed my feet the wrong way, not cool (breezy but did not make my feet happy) So Mizuno it is! Love.

Check out these beauties (they go well with their surroundings):


Also check out this sweaty one after a great trial run in the Hitogami’s:

I took some time on the run to stop and smell the roses, uh, tulips. Tip toe through the tulips?

Have a brilliant long weekend everyone!





007 and Thrive Energy Lab!

Happy Monday All!

Hope you had a great weekend.  I have taken most of today as a rest and recharge day.  If you aren’t doing this for yourself every so often you need to start…like NOW!

This weekend was superb.  Full of great eats and quality time with people I love. Batteries are charged.

On Saturday night R and I had a long overdue date night. R, knowing me all too well, suggested we hit up Jane Bond (my second favorite resto in Waterloo) and a movie.  

NO coat and NO boots. Looks like it is finally spring!!

We started with my fave dish a black bean mole dip served with guacamole, salsa and tortillas.  

And beer...we also had beer. 

For my main I had a burrito with a tomato dill soup.  It was AS delicious as the mole and I gobbled up every bite. I meant to take a picture of it but I was too busy shoving my face to remember.

We then headed (and my headed I mean rolled because we were so full) to the Princess Cinemas for a movie.  If you haven’t check out the Princess yet you should.  It is this super cool local cinema that shows the best films! Stuff that is unique and different is always found there.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I spent it with my parents and Grandma.  We had the best lunch and visit.  It was so fun to spend some time with them. 

While I was back home I also met up with a few old high school friends that I don’t get to see nearly enough and it was great. I laughed so hard my face hurt. Which lets me know I need to start working those muscles out more. 

Today I slept in and did some spring cleaning which felt great.  I also got to go for a walk with my favorite new born and his momma! After working up an appetite from my walk I decided to hit up my FAVORITE restaurant, the Thrive Energy Lab, for lunch.  I have talked about Thrive on the blog before but todays meal was so delicious it warrants a re-blog.

Today I decided to get wild and order the Pad Thai Noodle Bowl. I always opt for the Southwest Burger because well it may be the best thing I have ever eaten…until today.  This noodle bowl was OUT of this WORLD!   

I also picked up an almond butter cup with the intention of giving it to R.  Then I took just one bite and the next thing I knew...it was gone!! These are a combination between a pie and a peanut butter cup without all the added junk so they don’t give me the usual sugar rush and crash. 

One of my favorite parts of Thrive is that you can buy Vega! So I stocked up on my beloved VegaOne and got myself a free Vega shaker cup…I wish I was kidding when I said my day was made.  I have been trying to get my mitts on one of these coveted cups for some time now so to say I am pretty excited to use it is an understatement.  I can’t wait to use it! 

Baby Ro liked the shaker cup too. Mitts off puppy!!!

I am a real Vega fan and use most of their products regularly and love them all. I also love the principles of the company and what they are striving to achieve.  If you want some high quality and energy boosting products then take Vega for a spin. 

Anyways, as you can tell I have been eating pretty much full time since Friday so I think I am going to spend rest of the week trying to get my leg in tip top shape for Ottawa and stop shoving my face full of delightful eats.

Have a great week all!